(Bonus) Agile development tools – Trello

Trello – A basic task board     Introducing Trello A while back I wrote the series; “Agile development methodologies within the game industry“. That series was all about the development methodologies themselves, but I never really showed you any tools that could help you. Because of this, I decided to make this bonus post, explaining Trello; one of […]

Agile development methodologies within the game industry – Part III (FINAL) – Extreme Programming

Extreme Programming within the gaming industry! Extreme Programming vs. Kanban and SCRUM Extreme programming cannot really be compared to KanBan or SCRUM. Extreme programming, also known as XP, is a methodology all on it’s own. As the name suggest, XP takes some of the fundamental and basic things that work well, and put these to the extreme. […]

Agile development methodologies within the game industry – Part I – Intro and SCRUM

Development methodologies are just as important!   Yes, I did just say that… The game itself is what the players value, no doubt about that, but the development methodology is what your development team values the most. Having structured development agreements and rules, can help your development teams efficiency.   Development methodologies? If you read […]